life after jane…

“I don’t think he meant to kiss me,” I said finally.
“What? Did he slip and fall on your mouth? Those things are known to happen.”

Tell me if this has happened to you:  Say you read YA, and you’re loving some paranormal romance (the fact that it’s beat to death be damned) and you’ve exhausted the four, maybe five original YA paranormal romance novels out there but you’re still hooked on that otherworldly feelin’. You’re not ready to go back to real life! So you settle for one (or several ) of the overly mass-produced, black covered tomes that swarmed the Teen section of the bookstore, like a plague of angst-ridden, emo locusts, in the wake of the cataclysmic literary (*scoff*) event that was Twilight. The all look exactly the same and every one of them is a variation of the one before. So you get a bit fed up and that jaded portion of your brain that was sick of this shit, and your shit, long before you yourself realized it, says “Hey, I could write a YA book.” You’ve said it. I know you. And you’ve joked with your book buddies about how you would create the perfect YA paranormal romance by including all the cliches you’ve been nearly beaten to death with in your recent reading. You’ve got a good eye for this sort of thing, and you could have made it work. Slap a hot cover on it and you would’ve had a best seller.


Don’t feel bad. Neither did I.

But Jennifer Armentrout did. She totally did. And I’d wager she did a better job of it than those of us with our overly inflated sense of selves ever could because she’s just far more awesome than we are.

Katy is the new chick in town (you can make a mental list of key YA paranormal romance elements as I read aloud). She’s kinda hot but she doesn’t know that she’s actually that hot (because she’s down to earth like that- she likes to garden, yo.) She lost one parent to a horrible illness (illness, car accident, science experiment gone wrong, lost to the world of the Fae…it’s all the same) and now she and her mom are trying to start over in a new place. Her mother is blissfully absent, having thrown herself into her work to drown her sorrow, thus providing a nearly unsupervised stage for her hormone laden teenager to play (like total check). They move in next door to THE HOTTEST THING WITH A PENIS EVER TO WALK THE EARTH…EVER. He has the sweetest, kindest, most innocent, naive little simpleton of a sister that instantly becomes Katy’s BFF and because he doesn’t feel this friendship is safe for his baby sis, HOT GUY (whose name is Daemon) despises Katy with all the heat of hell and does everything he can to drive her away. But Katy has backbone, and while Daemon is yelling at her and trying to intimidate her and INVADING HER PERSONAL SPACE IN A MOST THREATENING MANNER, she’s thinking about doing him but she DOESN’T, because she’s just that HARD CORE. Come to find out, Daemon is only an asshole on the outside. Inside he’s something VERY DIFFERENT and VERY DIFFERENT things must wear an asshole suit in order to disguise their VERY DIFFERENTNESS.  Daemon and his sister have a secret they must protect, and having Katy involved might just lead to their downfall, not to mention that Katy could be STRUCK WITH DEATH for being involved.

It’s all very dark and ominous and countless red flags are going off, just screaming “RUN AWAY, KATY! RUN.” But does our girl ignore the flashy neon warning signs surrounding this overly odd family? No, of course not, because then we wouldn’t have a story. You see, (wait for it…I swear it’s going to blow your mind) Katy is a YOUNG ADULT BOOK BLOGGER and this sounds a lot like some of the books she’s been reading so she’s sticking with her new BFF, warning signs and psycho brother be damned.  She’s going to keep making her IMM vlogs and putting up her Waiting on Wednesday posts and participating in her memes and she’s gonna hang with her new bestie.

It’s calculated and manipulative and perhaps one of the finest cases of pandering to your audience I’ve witnessed in a book and it’s freakin’ brilliant.

I swear you guys, this is amazing shit and by far THE BEST YA paranormal romance I’ve read because THAT IS WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED TO BE.


Final Thoughts:
In all seriousness and nearly all joking aside, I was blown away by this story. It’s dark and mysterious and so so sexy and aside from the book blogger shout outs, surprisingly devoid of cheese. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Armentrout knew what she was doing when she starting weaving this web and I haven’t read a single review to the contrary.  Even if we forget about the MARKETING GENIUS strategically sprinkled throughout the story, and shake off the brain washing and only focus on the story, it’s still a damn fine one. It’s well written, complete with well defined characters, a nice tighty-whitey plot and setting, detailed background and history and ALL THAT. Just like a real book!


You can’t dislike it…I mean…she tailor made it for you. It was all for you…

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9 responses to “Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout”

  1. Kailia says:

    I loved this one too even if Daemon annoyed me sometimes and the idea wasn’t as originla. I do think Jennifer Armentrout did a great job of carrying the book even if some things were too cliched! Great review!

  2. Lola says:

    Oh man! This has to be the best review EVAR! I just might have to pick up this up because of your fantastic, snarky review, despite the fact that I had no plans to do so in the first place.

    • Laura says:

      You should always, always read exactly what I tell you to read. I keep trying to convince the world to work this way. 😀

      Pick it up. You won’t be disappointed!

  3. Entangled is the pub putting out Greta and the Goblin King which has been on my want list for months now. They’re on my radar.

  4. Kara says:

    I love love love this review! I too enjoyed Obsidian, but could not have said it better than you. It is full of cliches, but so much fun that you just don’t care. Thanks for making me laugh. Fabulous review! :)

    • Laura says:

      Thank you. I hope that my thoughts on the next book will prove equally as humorous. This is an entertaining book but to take it seriously one would be duty bound to hate it. So I poke fun out of love.

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