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The Bitching: Well hi there. Long time no see. Things have been quiet around these parts this past month. Despite the massive amount of guilt I feel when neglecting my blog, I’ve managed to let an entire month go by without an update and it finally got the better of me today. So here I am.

I just haven’t felt like blogging. You’ve probably been there. On top of that, I’ve been in a reading slump and the few books I did finish (some good, some bad), I just wanted to read without the pressure (entirely self-imposed mind you) to formulate coherent, intelligent thoughts about the story afterwards. It’s all very selfish and rude and a bit wonderful. I know you understand.

The Books: I’ve married the most marvelous man. When I approached him the other day and lamented the fact that I had nothing to read and that it was killing my soul to be without a book and pleaded that he simply must take me to the bookstore, right that very minute, he asked why I couldn’t just read one of the hundreds of TBR books I currently have in my possession. I answered that I couldn’t read those. Those are there in case I’m ever in a situation where I can’t get more books.

“Oh, so they are like, emergency books?”


And then he took me to the bookstore, because he couldn’t fault me for my disaster preparedness and my perfectly sound reasoning.

Here’s what has shown up, been purchased or received for review since the last time we had this chat:

Zombie Apocalypse people. It’s real and I’m ready.

The Baking: I haven’t really been in a baking mood, but I have made several batches of these little lovelies:

Mine in no way resembled the above (they were much more spontaneously formed), but they were wonderful!

3 responses to “Bitching, Books and Baking (7)”

  1. Michelle says:

    That is a great stack of books you have there. You will love A Discovery of Witches. It is so amazing! And your snacks look divine. Peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate? Healthy and tasty!

  2. Lola says:

    I am seriously SERIOUSLY jealous that you have a copy of the Raven Boys.

    I want to reach through the screen and grab some of those delicious treats!

  3. Sandy says:

    I completely understand the not-wanting-to-blog thing; you’ll just get around to it when you can and that’s totally fine. :)

    GASP. Your book pile looks amazing (THE RAVEN BOYS :DDD) and I can’t wait to read your thoughts on those titles. Especially Easy. And The Raven Boys. And…yep, just about everything else.

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