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01. 08. 2012


“Saving the world (and defenseless tortured bunnies) from shitty books.”
So you’ve seen a post here and you’ve seen a post on more than a few theres, but you haven’t seen THIS HERE! My super secret book club of awesomeness awesome has its very own blog. We’ve been hiding out in our Facebook clubhouse where we’ve enjoyed 11 wonderful months of book yacking goodness but now we’ve decided to make things a bit more public. We read a book a month, with an occasional random book discussion thrown in and the rest of the time we devote to talking about Richard Armitage.

Feel free to stop by and take a gander at our book talks- in some of them we actually sound quite smart…and the rest of the time, IT’S LIKE WE ARE CHEWING WITH OUR MOUTHS OPEN.

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  1. Leave me out of the Armitage talk. I don’t talk about him.

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