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I credit the use of song lyrics in lieu of book titles for reviews to Sya @ The Mountains of Instead (I am going to run this joke into the ground).

The following contains my book thoughts on the last three books (currently published) in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. It should go without saying that as this post is about books that FOLLOW THE FIRST TWO BOOKS, if you read it, it will spoil the previous books in the series. But you do what you will- I only want your happiness. I refer you to my book thoughts on books 1 and 2,

Magic Bites and Magic Burns

When last we met with Kate, she had just vanquished a couple of gods, lost a new friend, further investigated the limits of her powers and tread some very dangerous romantic ground with the Beast Lord (you shiver when I say that, don’t you?). In Magic Strikes, which is quite possibly my favorite book in the series, a gladiator style death match uncovers some pretty nasty magical beings who seek to bring about the downfall of the shape-shifters. We learn more than we ever wanted to know about Saiman and perhaps the sexiest dinner menu ever penned was written. How awesome were the fight scenes in this book! There was always the possibility that they could all die horribly and yet Kate continues to save the day- and not save it in the cheesy overly heroic superman kind of way but just her existence tips the balance of awesomeness ever in her favor.

In Magic Bleeds, a long lost and very ancient relative of Kate’s stops by for tea and a chat, completely blowing her cover. Kate has spent her entire life trying to keep the lid on the fact that her blood line can be traced back to the root of all the world’s current problems. When the shit hits the fan and the truth finally outs, Kate learns exactly who is on her team and that maybe, just maybe, when the day comes, she won’t have to face her father alone. I love the mythology and lore entwined into this series. The authors give an explanation for EVERYTHING. If there’s a loose end, I have yet to find it. Kate’s fate has been hinted at since day one and I’m loving that things are starting to find her. I bet that when it’s all said and done, Roland will have known about her and watched her from the beginning.

The last installment in the series (for now), Magic Slays was probably my least favorite. A grieving widower has invented a machine that could level the playing field between magic and tech, but at the cost of countless lives. Surrounded by magical beings and having just a wee touch of magic herself, Kate isn’t going to stand by for the annihilation of the world as she knows it. Magic may have shaken the Earth to its core but it’s engrained in everything now and one doesn’t simply do away with it. The pacing of this book threw me off. It was all set up and then BAM- done. I do so hate a rushed ending and the BIG thing that Kate was going to attempt at the end- oh so down played.

Oh, and in one of these books we have some of the hottest, greediest, most highly anticipated sex that ever did exist between a shape-shifter and ONE EXTREMELY LUCKY LADY. No polite fade to black naughty bits for this series. Team Andrews WAS NOT afraid to write it.

So many great characters. Such an extraordinary world. I can’t say enough good things about this series. Goodreads shows a Feb 2013 release date for book six and it’s going to be a long, torturous wait.

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  1. Chachic says:

    Love this series so much! It’s my favorite urban fantasy series and like you, I went through the books as fast as I could when I first discovered them. Magic Strikes and Magic Bites are my favorites. :) Have you read the Curran POV scenes? I love those as well.

    • Laura says:

      No, I haven’t read Curran’s POV. I think I should. Maybe it would satisfy my Beast Lord craving until the next book is published.

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