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I like to leave mine extra soupy and use both a FORK and a SPOON to capture the full effect. It’s very inexpensive and it’s heart-healthy in that all that sodium raises your blood pressure and your heart has to WORK HARDER TO ENSURE CIRCULATION. Work=exercise=healthy. Nursing school taught me that.

You understand that was a joke…right?

But I’m going to live off of it instead of going to work tomorrow so that I can stay home and read book #3. I’m willing to sacrifice balanced nutrition for a good read. Priorities. I have them.

So this morning for brunch, I had a tasty (T-A-S-T-E-Y if you’re a Fergie fan) meal of Kate Daniels #2, Magic Burns. It was in fact, highly flammable, but left no unpleasant aftertaste, nor did it give me heartburn. Anyway, read this quickly, children, in order to capture the hasten speed at which it was typed because I have a book to go and read.

Magic Burns

Author: Ilona Andrews
Publisher: Ace
Date: April 1, 2008
Pages: 260
Series: Kate Daniels
Genre: Fantasy- Urban/Paranormal

When we last left Kate (you know, YESTERDAY) she had just teamed up with the Beast Lord and his subjects to solve the mystery of her murdered guardian. His death in and of itself was a hard to accomplish feat so going into her investigation Kate knew it wouldn’t be easy. Having to toe the line with the Order (knight police group), placate the People (necromancers) and keep from becoming one seriously angry lion’s dinner (the Pack) only added to the stress of it. Plus there was the life or death need to keep her phenomenal cosmic powers a secret. It went relatively well for Kate who managed to stay alive and she solved the mystery despite having so many people underfoot.

Now, back at work for the Order and filling in for the mercenary guild here and there, Kate stumbles upon a witch coven that has quite possibly managed to summon up more than just a simple case of bad juju. Magic waves are hitting the city at a much faster rate than usual and all evidence points to an upcoming flare up of magic, an event that has historically guaranteed a bad time. Ancient gods and goddesses are stirring, existing just under the surface of reality, only needing a bit of heighten belief and a break in the veil between the worlds to come to life. If all the pieces of the coven’s plan fall into place, it will take an extremely ancient, extremely powerful magician to stop. Not a good thing when one needs to keep her powers a secret…


I have a serious case of series addiction happening here and I freakin’ love it. It doesn’t happen often but sometimes, SOMETIMES, you stubble upon a series SO GOOD you have to read the WHOLE THING in one bite. I know you understand. I know you’ve been there and I know you didn’t fight it either. I dedicated my entire day to both procuring and reading this book.

So much happens in this installment. There’s a GREAT BIG EVENT of XMEN proportion and it was ooooh so good. With only 260 pages it’s a pretty impressive juggling act to fit it all in. We get a lot more background information on Kate and she loosens up a bit, bringing a great deal more humor into the mix. We get to hang out some more with Ghastek, one of the People’s necromancers and his dry wit, coupled with Kate’s “Kill first.” attitude makes a very deadly undertaking surprisingly funny.

Your fan girl moment for this book: OMFGTHESOUPTHESOUPTHESOUP!!

     ”Curran? He isn’t exactly Mr. Smooth. He handed me a bowl of soup, that’s as far as we got.”
     “He fed you?” Raphael stopped rubbing Andrea.
     “How did this happen?” Aunt B stares at me. “Be very precise, this is important.”
     “He didn’t actually feed me. I was injured and he handed me a bowl of chicken soup. Actually I think he handed me two or three. And he called me an idiot.”
     “Did you accept?” Aunt B asked.
     “Yes. I was starving. Why are the three of you looking at me like that?”
     “For crying out loud.” Andrea set her cup down, spilling some tea. “The Beast Lord’s feeding you soup. Think about that for a second.”

Yes, let’s think about that for a second…or two….or three….ok, for a good five minutes. HE FED HER SOUP! See fangirl moment above.


6 responses to “I like Top Ramen. I don’t need to go to work tomorrow. OR Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews”

  1. janicu says:

    Sigh.. I love that scene. One of those “OMG, he LIKES HER and is showing it in this very specific way!” moments.

  2. You and Steve can wax poetic about ramen. I’m going to go vomit.

  3. Chachic says:

    Love ramen too! I’ve posted about it on my Tumblr:

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Kate Daniels series! I devoured the series when I first discovered it. Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds are my favorites so I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of them. And after you’re done with those, you can read the Curran POV scenes. 😀

  4. Angie says:

    He feeds her soup. So simple. So devastating.

  5. Gaby says:

    Ohh I haven’t read this series :/

  6. Bella says:

    I love this series so much!! I absolutely can’t wait for the next book, which is supposed to be about Andrea :)

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